I am a Taiwanese born in Nagoya, Japan and currently based in San Diego, CA.

Born to an expat family, I grew up appreciating art, culture, and history. Moving and traveling around the world, I’ve noticed how, it’s one thing to tour around, yet it’s quite another to understand the story behind even the smallest details. I’m also obsessed with the flying experience. In high school, I got exposed to the term “Passenger Experience (PaxEx)”; I developed a fascination for how airlines use cabin designs to tell stories about their country, history, and brand. Entering college, I discovered and entered the field of human-centered design (HCD). I study at University of California, San Diego (UCSD), home to the first Cognitive Science department in the world. UCSD has a vibrant designer community. Everyday, I learn from designers sharing insights on user research, iteration process, design decisions, and brainstorming.

Inspired by what I love, I aspire to become a designer. While going through this site, you’ll notice lots of description accompanying each image. For me personally, while I get taken away by beautiful images, I find stories to be far more inspiring. That is why I put significant amount of effort into describing the decision-making and significance behind each project. I sincerely hope that you, the viewers, will also appreciate how the most valuable thing about design isn’t the end result, but instead the process.

Thank you for visiting. Please don’t hesitate to provide feedback or ask questions by clicking the “contact” button at the bottom of this page.